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Client Applications Team -

Heidi Bailey, Coordinator, Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury Services, Veteran's Administration, Mountain Home, Tennessee.

Carla Werner: Carla has a M.A. Degree in Education from the University of Tennessee and is retired from the Maryville, TN. School System where she coordinated the talented and gifted program. Carla coordinates overall recipient applications and serves as the personal interface with autistic family applicants and general disabilities.

Dr. Myra Elder: Dr. Elder is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and received her Master's and Doctorate Degrees from Temple University. Has worked at the Veteran's Administration's Mountain Home, TN. facility for the past seventeen years where she looks after patients suffering from combat trauma, military sexual trauma, depression, and adjustment issues due to multiple medical illnesses.

Suzy Kitchens, Board Member, Chair Emeritus, Veteran Interface Manager

Susan Gross, Bachelor of Science and Masters of Administrative Science in Nursing. Graduate of the National Training Institute for Child Care Health Consultants Program - University of North Carolina. Graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Veteran Benefits Consultant - Nathan Weinbaum, Veteran of United States Navy, currently serves as Blount County Tennessee Veteran Services Officer.