Jet has been placed with his Veteran partner

Smoky Mountain Service Dogs is proud to announce that "Jet" has been placed with U.S. Army Veteran, Alexander Armor of Johnson City, TN. Mr. Armor's injuries came during his four years in the Army with the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment and later the 1st Calvary Division in Iraq. Mr. Armor served his country for three tours and was injured on each deployment. The first two injuries were by improvised explosive devices, and the third (and most significant injury) when an IED was detonated by a suicide bomber. Alex suffered significant lower extremity damage, shrapnel damage, widespread neuropathy, a traumatic brain injury, and post- traumatic stress syndrome. Other than providing Alex with unconditional love, Jet retrieves items when they are dropped, assists Alex with balance and mobility and performs many other helpful tasks. With "Jet", his battle buddy at his side, Alex will be attending East Tennessee State University.