Smoky Mountain Service Dogs is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization with no paid administrative positions, which allows approximately 96 cents of each donated dollar to go directly towards the care/training of our dogs and Veteran recipients. As such, we must greatly depend upon the generosity and giving spirit of others. All donations will be appreciated and we thought it might be helpful to provide information on what various levels of donations would accomplish. The cost to acquire, support, train, and place a service dog is in excess of $20,000. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

  • $12,500 - will serve as a Veteran Placement Sponsorship, providing a public access tested/approved service dog to a Veteran with a disability.
  • $2500 - Puppy Sponsorship Program (please see Puppy Sponsorship Program on Home Page for detailed information)
  • $1000 - will provide a clean, well-maintained kennel environment for a month.
  • $800 - will allow SMSD to purchase a top quality dog from a qualified breeder.
  • $500 - will provide a dog with spay/neutering, shots, grooming, and medical care.
  • $120 - will provide six months of kennel supplies.
  • $75 - will buy a six month supply of flea and tick preventative.
  • $55 - will pay for micro chipping a puppy.
  • $45 - will pay for Heartguard for six months.
  • $45 - will buy a service dog vest and identification.
  • $40 - will buy a 40lb. bag of dog food.
  • $30 - will buy training treats for all dogs for one month.
  • $15 - will buy a leash and collar.

There are many other items required in the training/upkeep of our dogs, such as dog beds, crates, and cleaning supplies.

OUR PLEDGE TO ALL DONORS - Smoky Mountain Service Dogs promises to provide exceptional, well-trained canines to individuals with disabilities. Each dog will be specifically trained to meet the needs of each recipient. Our trainers will not release dogs who do not meet the highest levels of health, training, and maturity. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs promises to provide continued support to our recipients while the dog is in service.


Smoky Mountain Service Dogs
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