Facilitating a Better Life For Veterans Through Canine Companionship and Service

Now Accepting Preliminary Applications

Please read before submitting the Preliminary Application:

Confidentiality Agreement

Client Expectations

SMSD Grievance policy

SMSD serves Veterans only.

It is our policy that Veterans who apply must have a SERVICE-CONNECTED PHYSICAL DISABILITY that is verified and rated by the VA where canine mobility assistance is appropriate.

Physical disabilities might include:

  • Loss of limb.
  • Injuries sustained during training or while deployed.
  • Systemic disabilities due to exposure to toxic substances.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

SMSD does NOT train dogs for:

  • PTSD unless the veteran has a SERVICE CONNECTED physical disability that is appropriate for service dog assistance like balance assistance while walking, picking up dropped items et cetera.
  • Seizure alert or response.
  • Diabetic alert.
  • Guide dogs for sight issues.
  • General disabilities that are not service connected.

Our normal service area is a 350-mile radius or an approximate six-hour drive from Knoxville, Tennessee. SMSD serves the entire state of Tennessee and portions of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia regionally. Please note that we do have the ability to OVERRIDE the service area with SMSD board approval when the applicant meets the application criteria and is approved by the SMSD application team. For more information about our application process and how we operate, please read the frequently asked questions.