Facilitating a Better Life For Veterans Through Canine Companionship and Service

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village


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Our Mission

To enhance the physical and psychological quality of life for wounded Veterans by providing custom-trained mobility assistance service dogs (at no cost to the Veteran).

First Responders/Facility Dogs

SMSD serves Military Veterans with service-connected physical disabilities primarily. Sometimes our inventory of service dogs in training allows us to serve First Responders with service-connected physical disabilities or to place Facility Dogs in appropriate locations. For more information, please contact the Veteran liaison at suzy.k@smokymountainservicedogs.org or call 865-408-3070.

Our Beliefs

We believe that through appropriate utilization of a public access tested/approved, highly trained service dog, individuals with physical and/or psychological disabilities can often become increasingly self-sufficient and independent.

We believe that a large percentage of disabled individuals can experience a higher level of societal and community involvement and acceptance through effective use of a service dog.

We believe that it takes community involvement to insure the success of Smoky Mountain Service Dogs and our clients. The contributions of individuals and groups within the community will be welcome, appreciated, and honored.

We believe that positive reinforcement is the best form of service dog training and we shall remain committed to training our service dogs in a way that encourages trust on all levels.

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